Freedom: Inner freedom is the basis of outer freedom.


Authenticity: True success is when we are loved and valued for who we are.


Growth: Personal development, spirituality, and business are ways to expand and expand our awareness.


Creativity: We are the creators of our world and can shape our reality.


Deep connection: We can only meet other people and the world as deeply as we have met ourselves.










My path went from being an art director to living self-directed and impacting people as a soul vision coach. I started with a classical career after my studies and worked for 6 years in the corporate world. When I got the first signs of burn out and had a life-saving operation, I took the leap and went on a self-discovery journey. My experience from my corporate job thought me how to develop brand identities with a clear vision and positioning. Now it was time to explore my own identity and align to my own values.


I decluttered my life, reduced everything I had to the minimum, and became a digital nomad. I went through many identity shifts from starting a surf hostle, to working as a freelancer, living in a van, becoming an entrepreneur, and going through my own coaching process. I connected to communities such as Mindvalley and Nomad Cruise and invested in all kinds of different coaching building on a life long personal development journey. Step by step I connected the dots of my life and my vision started to unfold.


Since I was 12 years old I was introduced to the spiritual world by my mother and learned to see myself as a soul being. From an early age on I have been trained in many spiritual practices such as: radiesthesia, quantum healing, hypnosis, and shamanism. Access to the morphogenic field still gives me guidance in life. In my work as a Coach, I am now able to bring business and spirituality together to connect people to their purpose and soul vision. 


Sometimes life invites us to change. When I got my invitations I woke up in the hospital. As the doctor welcomed me to my second life, a shift started to happen. I escaped for a shamanic retreat in Hawaii to swam with wild dolphins. When I came back I had the need to liberate myself. Not sure of what I was doing, I ended my long-term relationship and moved to another place. To comfort myself I focussed even more on my job as Art Director. One year passed, then life sent me a second invitation. – The first signs of burn out. I had to change something, but had no clue what to do. When a friend asked me what I want to do, I heard my inner voice reply: 

First of all I need a beach in my life and I want to do projects where work doesn’t feel like work.

One week later I met a man who wanted to start a surf hostel right by the beach, in Morocco. – The law of attraction. We fell in love and a few months later I had given up my job, sublet my flat, bought a van and was on my way to a beautiful place right by the beach. People say: Europe has watches but Morocco has the time. And I needed time to learn that nothing changes until YOU change. I had to understand that the patterns that caused my old life were still active. There I was in Morocco with my stressed-out European mind, telling me that I was no good without work. I couldn't relax at all. My relationship ended and with it the dream of the surf hostel. However, life offered me a second chance to fall in love, this time with Morocco and its culture. Living in an unreal place I found myself again, nourished my soul and healed my mind. I went through different phases, I blamed my ex-boyfriend, I blamed my old employer, I blamed the whole world. Suddenly I understood that nothing will change before I don't take responsibility for my life. After six months I left Morocco without the baggage that I came with, leaving a lot of fears and self-doubts behind. As I drove back home with my Van Emma I wasn't the same person anymore and I felt that I couldn't go back to where I came from.

I decided to live in my van near my mum’s place rather than going back to my flat.

I started to work as a freelancer. I had no website, no business card, not even a proper email address. But I got lots of jobs and support from old business contacts and friends. Being self-employed and working remotely was a totally different experience. I worked in the morning and evenings and spent the afternoon with my favorite sport, playing beach volleyball. My creativity was flowing effortlessly, and I made good money without pressure. Was it really that simple? I always thought that being self-employed must be hard. At the end of the summer, I suddenly felt that familiar dissatisfaction. It frustrated me that I still hadn't found my calling. I wanted to go back to Morocco for the winter, supporting another surf project. Then life sent another invitation. This time it came as the opportunity to participate in an online coaching training. I started meeting like-minded people and going to events. I found new friends that supported me on my journey. My coaching business started with a very simple strategy however I quickly got confronted with inner resistance. The ego wants to protect us from change. Everything was a problem. Suddenly all the self-doubts were back and the Imposter-Syndrome kept telling me, that certainly nobody would wait for another self-made coach. I still didn't understand the principles of success.

Nothing changes until you change.  


Inside I was still the employee, trying to hide behind projects or someone, rather than showing myself and trusting my capabilities. If I wanted to be a coach I would have to change my thinking and the pattern that prevents me from success. Meanwhile, the sublet of my flat-ended and I decided to move back in. After living for so long with less, all the stuff I had, felt like dead weight. What started as a challenge to reduce to the minimum ended a deep transformational process. By letting go of my belongings, I stirred up lots of old stories and past memories. Some made me smile others made me cry. In this process, I worked together with a coach on my inner child. I started to understand my patterns. The emptier my flat got the more headspace I created. Taking the time to understand our own story is such a wonderful process. 

We know where we’re going 
when we understand where we come from.

We walk on the paths of our ancestors. Our wings are given to us by our mothers and our fathers. If we are in balance with both of them we are able to leave the nest and fly. Everybody should be able to fly. But in order to do so, we need to change our self-perception and allow for transformation. So is it really worth investing in personal transformation? – YES! 

Transformation guides us to our inner truth and consciousness, it reveals our purpose and enables us to find true self-love.  


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